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Career planning and employment services are intended to encourage motivation; explore skills, interests and abilities; identify opportunities and goals; connect to services and supports; and develop informed decision-making.

Employment for people with disabilities continues to be much lower than for people without disabilities - 30.9% of working-age people with disabilities in the U.S. are employed, compared to 76.6% of people without disabilities (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019), and this was before the pandemic. This employment gap makes clear the need for career planning and employment services for both youth and adults with disabilities.

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Career Planning and Employment for Youth

Helping youth explore their future should start early and include successful interagency collaboration to facilitate communication, streamline services, blend and braid funding, and tap into community expertise to support youth with disabilities in achieving their employment and independent living goals. Following are some of the most promising practices to help youth explore work.

Youth Employment Practices
Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make It Happen

Career Planning and Employment for Adults

Having a job has many benefits -- it gives us a sense of purpose, it shapes who we are and how we fit into our community, and it provides financial stability and opportunity for growth.  Most people of working age with disabilities want to work and can work with the right supports.  Following are some of the most promising practices to help adults achieve their employment goals.

Adult Employment Practices